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The Truth Behind the Headlines


The GMJ Intelligence Briefing contains research formalised into a “briefing” that came from 5 years and 50 books written by the author.

The subjects relate to “Aerial Interdiction of enemy aircraft and modern dogfighting. Anti-Tank Missiles use by spies. Armour Operations. Artillery / MLRS in Covert Warfare Use. Attacks on Donald J Trump by Mainstream Media. CIA / Jesuit / Roman Catholic Connection. Clandestine Cargo / Parachute Drops. Codes & Ciphers Upgraded Because Of Snowden’s Revelations. Counter Espionage. Counter Maritime Terrorism. Covert Operations. CQB, Close Quarter Battle. Covert Rescue / Removing a source or asset from a hostile country. Failure in Afghanistan and the Niger Ambush 2017 – Lessons. False Flag Operations. Far Right-Wing Terrorism. Glider Operations in Counter-Terrorism. Hostage Rescue. CSAR (Combat Search and Rescue). Human Trafficking – The Terrorism Link. Intelligence Gathering – Western Failures in Africa. Military Demolitions. Military Dumps about to explode. Military Parachuting, static line, HAHO, HALO. Muslim Terrorism / Mole Hunting. Naval Operations. Obama Intelligence Failures. Operating Behind Enemy Lines. PSYOPS. The rising Chinese Military Threat. Shocking State of the US Military. Small Unit Warfare. Smuggling enemy weapons out of a country. Snipers & Counter Snipers. South African Nuclear Weapons. South African Secret Service. South African Special Forces.” What came out of the research was startling.

You will read expert political studies in the Intelligence Briefing not to be found in mainstream Western media. America is detested intensely by many and hated by most, seen as a rogue state that needs to be destroyed for the better of mankind. And this you can blame squarely on the Washington Swamp, your political class. They caused and own this miserable state of affairs but you will pay the price, not them, they are well protected.

The intelligence briefing summarises what is most needed to reveal and expose together with selected expert military and political analysis.

This is book 47 in the best selling GMJ Series.

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